Welcome to Spit-Fire Spit Braais and Catering

Spit-Fire is a catering idea that started as a favour to a friend.

I was asked to do a spitbraai for a birthday, and from there the demand for more favours just grew and grew and Spit-Fire was born. One would hope the demand was led by their tastebuds!

As Spit-Fire is a family run enterprise we decided we would instil the same philosophy we do in our kitchen at home, and that is good, tasty and healthy food prepared with love, passion and care.

We wanted to be different and satisfy the client’s requirements, and we can testify they differ!

We decided that we would not smother our meat with the usual BBQ sauce and keep it as natural as possible as we would do at home. We found a traditional Argentinean Brine recipe called Salmuera which they use for their spitbraai, or as they call it, Asado. At Spit-Fire we continuously baste the meat with the brine which seasons the meat as well as assisting to seal the meat  containing the juices. This results in a juicy and tender meat, just like we all love it!

If there is one thing everyone detests , it is when the meat is hacked apart and piled on a heap. It always results in the fact that the last in the queue end up with scraps.

At Spit-Fire we detest this more than anyone! So to avoid any unsatisfied glares we separate the carcass into the different cuts of shoulder, loin rib and leg. This allows us to professionally carve the meat and serve it as carved leg and shoulder, chops or cutlets and ribs. A bit of everything for everybody.

If you want to be more elegant, we can also debone the various cuts. The meat then gets rolled and sliced which works well for functions with large numbers of people.

We not only serve lamb off the spit, we can also do pork and chicken. At Spit-Fire we always debone the chicken as this ensures even cooking and a much more juicy meat, not to mention a little more elegance in the eating!

When good tasty meat is served, we notice that the greens always get neglected. We strive to make our salads as appetising as our delicious meat. Our salads always win over the most hardy of meat eaters. Our salads are superb and we continually experiment with new recipes.

We can also spoil you with starter dishes and dessert. Our individual melt-in-the-mouth pavlova’s are always a hit at the end of the delectable meal and is complimented time and time again.

We cater for a wide variety of functions, having done from formal weddings to relaxed and informal get  togethers.

We also have a natural flair for flowers and can assist with any flower arranging for your special day.

At Spit-Fire we have a thing about food- We are blessed with superb meat and fresh produce. To us it is important that we use all our skills to transform that into a meal for your enjoyment. To do this not only requires skill, but also a passion and love for cooking. You will always find that secret ingredient in our spitbraai’s – Love.

To make use of our services, complete the form and submit it to us. We will give you a free quote, and if you prefer to build up the meal step by step, contact us and we will gladly walk you through the menu until you are satisfied. We are very flexible and should you have special requirements we will find a solution to accommodate you.

We look forward in helping you with your next special event.